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Comprehensive Guide to Planning Permission in Wandsworth Putney Heath

Wandsworth Putney Heath, nestled in the southwest of London, is an area known for its vibrant community, green spaces, and architectural diversity. For homeowners, developers, and investors looking to enhance properties or undertake new builds in this area, understanding the nuances of planning permission is crucial. This guide delves into the specifics of obtaining planning permission in Wandsworth Putney Heath, offering detailed insights to help you navigate the process seamlessly.

Understanding Planning Permission

Planning permission is the formal approval required from local authorities to carry out certain types of building work. In Wandsworth Putney Heath, this authority is the Wandsworth Borough Council. The necessity for planning permission depends on the scope and nature of your project, ranging from minor alterations to large-scale developments.

Types of Planning Permission

  1. Full Planning Permission: This is required for most building works, including new builds, extensions, and significant alterations to existing structures. It involves a detailed application process, including architectural plans and impact assessments.
  2. Outline Planning Permission: Suitable for larger projects, this grants permission in principle, allowing you to gauge the feasibility before submitting detailed plans. It’s typically followed by a reserved matters application to cover specifics.
  3. Householder Planning Permission: This is needed for home improvements such as extensions, loft conversions, and garden buildings. It’s a streamlined process compared to full planning permission, focused on residential properties.
  4. Listed Building Consent: If your property is a listed building, you’ll need this consent for any work that affects its character or appearance. Listed buildings in Wandsworth Putney Heath are protected due to their historical and architectural significance.
  5. Conservation Area Consent: Required for demolition or substantial alterations in designated conservation areas. Putney Heath has several conservation areas where this consent is mandatory to preserve the locale’s character.

When Is Planning Permission Needed?

In Wandsworth Putney Heath, planning permission is typically needed for:

  • New Builds: Constructing new residential or commercial properties.
  • Extensions: Adding extra rooms or space to an existing building.
  • Conversions: Changing the use of a building, such as converting a house into flats.
  • Major Alterations: Significant changes to the structure or appearance of a property.
  • Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas: Any work affecting listed buildings or properties in conservation areas.

The Planning Application Process

1. Pre-Application Advice

Before submitting a formal application, it’s advisable to seek pre-application advice from the Wandsworth Borough Council. This can help identify potential issues early and provide guidance on the application process.

2. Submitting the Application

  • Documentation: Prepare detailed plans, elevations, and site layouts. Include a Design and Access Statement if required.
  • Consultation: Engage with neighbors and local community groups to garner support and address concerns.
  • Online Submission: Applications can be submitted through the Planning Portal, the UK government’s planning and building control platform.

3. Validation and Consultation

Upon submission, the council will validate your application, ensuring all necessary documents are included. A consultation period follows, during which neighbors and stakeholders can comment on the proposal.

4. Assessment

The planning officers will assess the application against local policies, national guidelines, and any objections raised. They may conduct site visits and seek further information if needed.

5. Decision

The council aims to make a decision within eight weeks for most applications. Decisions can be:

  • Approved: With or without conditions.
  • Refused: With reasons provided.

If refused, you have the right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Key Considerations for Planning Permission in Wandsworth Putney Heath

Local Plan and Policies

Understanding the Wandsworth Local Plan is essential. It outlines the borough’s development framework, including housing, environment, and infrastructure policies. Ensure your proposal aligns with these policies to improve approval chances.

Design and Sustainability

High-quality design and sustainability are critical. Proposals should complement the local character, incorporate energy-efficient features, and minimize environmental impact. The council encourages the use of sustainable materials and renewable energy sources.

Heritage and Conservation

Respect for heritage is paramount, especially in conservation areas and for listed buildings. Proposals should preserve or enhance the historic and architectural significance of the area. Heritage impact assessments may be required.

Community Impact

Consider the impact on the local community, including traffic, parking, noise, and visual amenity. Engaging with residents early can help mitigate concerns and build support for your project.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Navigating Objections

Objections from neighbors or community groups can delay or complicate the process. Address concerns proactively through consultation and by making adjustments to your plans if feasible.

Compliance with Regulations

Ensure compliance with building regulations, environmental standards, and other statutory requirements. Non-compliance can lead to enforcement actions and delays.

Expert Assistance

Hiring planning consultants, architects, and legal advisors can streamline the process, provide expert insights, and improve your application’s success rate.


Securing planning permission in Wandsworth Putney Heath requires a thorough understanding of local policies, meticulous planning, and effective communication with stakeholders. By following the guidelines and advice outlined in this article, you can navigate the complexities of the planning system and achieve your development goals. Whether you’re planning a small extension or a major new build, preparation and adherence to regulations are key to a successful outcome.

For more detailed information and assistance, always refer to the Wandsworth Borough Council’s planning department and consult with professional advisors as needed.


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